Don’t Lose Your Grip

You may recall my article on using the wonderful Gnome ripping software Grip.  You didn’t read it?  Well, you ought to.  It’s right here.

As fortune would have it, this particular application has been languishing as concerns development.  That is to say that it’s a bit out of date and is using archaic libraries.  As such, or so I am told, Grip has been dropped from the Ubuntu repositories with 9.10 and I see nothing to indicate it will be returning with 10.4 either.  Woe is me.

Now I did find one person who took the time to arrange a repository and installation script all his own.  You can find that over on the Ubuntu forums:

It’s a bit of command line work, but it’s easier than compiling the program yourself.

You should report any troubles you might have on that forum post as you are likely to get faster responses.


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