Calling for Retired Computers

I run a program I call Linux for Anybody.  Essentially I accept donated machines and build them with Linux (currently Ubuntu) and deliver those machines to persons who otherwise may not be able to obtain a computer.

I am always seeking machines for this project.  The point of this post is to place this request for retiring machines in front of all who read my blog these days.

Is your company getting ready to replace machines?  Will those old machines be retired or sent off to a recycler?

Giving them to me is better than recycling them as they will be directly re-used.  Of course, I only accept fully functional machines and won’t take anything that’s ancient (this is not a museum project).  I can use keyboard, monitors, and mice as long as they are also fully functional (and please talk to me first if what you have are massive CRT’s).

I have what it takes to completely and securely wipe hard drives, so please include the hard drives with the machines.  I am happy to eradicate any potential data before I build the Ubuntu systems.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for participating.

On a related note, if you know of someone who might benefit from this program (a student, a teacher, some other struggling person) please talk to me and perhaps we can get them a machine with which they can perform research, surf the Web, communicate via e-mail and chat, and create and store important office documents.


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