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Quit telnet –> return to cmd

I don’t know why I get certain things get stuck in my craw, but lately I have been annoyed at having to close a command prompt in order to get out of a telnet connection. I use telnet sometimes just to see if a server is awake and touching the Internet–you know, as an alternative to ping. I know a lot of people who do this. It’s a very common thing.

Well it’s also very common for people to just close the command prompt in order to get out of telnet. Then of course they have to open another command prompt if they want to enter any more commands. Silly.

So I sat here and hammered away at my keyboard until I found a way to get out. Here is the fruit of that questionable act of labor.

If you are telnet into some server (you will see an empty command window with a flashing cursor in the upper-left corner) and you want out the first thing to do is to hit ctrl-] (yep, control and the right-bracket). That will return you to a telnet command prompt. From there you can enter the quit command (q is sufficient) and you will be returned to your usual Windows command prompt.

Happy hunting.