This is a hub for software I find useful enough to recommend.  Use it wisely.  Some software may be, you know, old.

All Platforms:

I use Opera on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.  I think you will not find a better, more stable, nor faster browser out there.  Additionally, Opera has functionality built in which allows you to actively synchronize your bookmarks across all installations.


I have started advocating Linux for Anybody.  You can begin with getting your copy of Ubuntu now.


Revo-Uninstaller will thoroughly remove an old application (taking the time to scour your registry and file system in so doing).

Spybot is by far my favorite piece of spyware protection.  Be sure and check out its TeaTimer registry monitor as well.

I use Trillian for all my chat needs.  It’s the best interface available to date.  (I have also managed to get it running under Ubuntu Linux.  Find the post here.)

Give Windows some sadly lacking functionality with Virtual Dimension.  It will give you multiple virtual desktops with which to work.

Diskeeper is a replacement for Windows defragmentation tool (or degredation tool if you prefer).  Get it, use it, pay for it.  It’s worth it.


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