CherryTree’s Cryptic Is File Blocked Error

I have been testing several notes applications, among them CherryTree.  It has a lot to be said in its favor.  However, it started throwing an error which ended with the phrase “is file blocked by a sync program” whenever a save operation was attempted.

I tried the Googs but only the first two search results were of any value.  The remaining results had somehow gamed Google.  Each contained exactly my search string (without quotes) “cherrytree is file blocked by a sync program”.  One was even titled exactly that (but with a capital C).  The other results were articles with titles such as “Human earwax shows what kind of variation”, “Why am i hungry in the middle of night Why Do I Crave Sweets”, “Cattle Visions” (this from so you know it’s legit).

How the might have fallen…

Of course they will likely have fixed this by the time you read these words.  Otherwise, how did you find my article?  Are you psychic?!


Well, I suppose you’d like some insight.  What I can say is that in my case the error was due to a full disc.  Sorted that and solved the matter.  I discovered this only because when I did a save-as I (eventually) was presented a different error message that mentioned disc space.  So… [shrugs]… check your disc space?

Hope that helps.


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