Undelay Typing in Office 2013

My team at work has been using Office 2013 for some time now.  We’re vetting it for use company-wide I guess.  I’ve already written about how ugly it is here, but now I’d like to write about a more pressing concern.  They have instituted a typing delay which, though slight, has been driving me absolutely nuts.

I touch type and I’ve been doing a long time and am thus pretty fast.  For a slower typist or a pecking typist this delay is likely not noticeable.  But for folks like me it’s intolerable.

I have found this article which discusses the solution.  It, as you may have guessed, requires a registry hack.  That being said, proceed at your own caution.

They provide both registry keys for download or the manual method for making the necessary change.

Finally: liberation.



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