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Trillian Wine Update

If you enjoyed my post on running Trillian under Wine on Ubuntu 8.04, you ought to really enjoy this post on running it under Ubuntu 8.10 and migrating your information over from your old machine/installation.

I have now confirmed that this will also work in Ubuntu 8.10. I saw no difference.

Also, it may be useful to know how easily one can migrate Trillian from one Ubuntu to another (and this may also work for moving Trillian from one Wine installation to another, irregarding the host OS).

Merely take the folder located at /home/[username]/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Trillian (get the entire Trillian folder), and move that into the same location on the new system (replace [username] with your actual username, of course).

I did the installation first and added nothing to Trillian, just clicking next to get through the installation. Then I closed Trillian, deleted the newly created Trillian folder, and replaced it with the old Trillian folder I just migrated. When I started Trillian again, I had everything—histories, passwords, &c.

Happy hunting.