A Couple Recent Conversions for Audio and Video

I’ve had to make a couple of unusual conversion of late and wanted to make note of the solutions for my future self.  Hey, future self, git with it!

First, converting dsf (and I think also dff) files into flac files I just used ffmpeg as follows:

# first cd into the directory containing the dsf files in question, then… 
ffmpeg -i 15-Penny\ Lane.dsf 15-Penny\ Lane.flac 

Then I also needed to convert an ISO into some constituent mkv files. For this I used makemkv.

# first you'll need to install it from the Snap repositories.  
snap install makemkv 
# then open the graphical application and point it at your ISO.

Both pretty handy, easy, and fool-proof. I’m the fool. I’m the proof. Good hunting.


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