Burning in Banshee

I wanted to burn one of my playlists to a CD this morning, but I had some trouble figuring out how or where Banshee managed the burning.

I thought perhaps I could just locate a playlist and right-click on that playlist and choose Burn to CD or something equally obvious. Nope.

Right-clicking on a playlist in Banshee gives three options:

Export Playlist…
Delete Playlist…

I then thought maybe there would be an export option that was something like … as CD or maybe even … as ISO. No luck. Just three different playlist file options (m3u, pls, and xspf). I really didn’t want to have to export the playlist and use another application to burn from that file manually.

After some thrashing about and some mild cursing I found that if you right-click on any track (in a playlist or otherwise) you will find a related option:

Write CD…

Of course that will open Brasero with the one track ready to burn. Ok. That was enough for understanding but let’s agree that’s a little silly.

Here is the short version for those who are still scratching their heads. First you enter one of your playlists (by clicking on it). Then you select all of the tracks in that playlist. Finally you right-click on those selected tracks and send those to Brasero using the Write CD… option.

Have fun with that.


6 thoughts on “Burning in Banshee

    1. Don’t feel dumb. There functionality is built around a silly UI. In the end I wasn’t able to use Brasero to burn (which is what Banshee uses for burning) because Brasero can’t handle certain tags and so had to export the playlist as a file and then use K3B to burn from that file. Personally I’m glad to learn that Ubuntu is moving back to Rhythmbox as their default media player. I just hope development on Rb picks up again.

    1. Phil,

      I have moved to Clementine for interacting with my music library and don’t keep up with Banshee any more.

      Oh, My Darling! Musica!

      As for burning, I am unfortunately stuck with using K3B because Brasero has too many issues (Rhythmbox and Banshee both rely upon Brasero).

      (I keep my collection as FLAC files on a server and Brasero can’t manage loading all of the files when the tags are made in certain ways, and I don’t have the time to re-tag all of my files to ensure they function with Brasero. Presumably updating them all with the current version of EasyTag would fix this matter, but it’s tens of thousands of files.)

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