How I Spill Ink into Google Buzz

I have a blog.  Shocking, I know.  I like to ensure that my social diseases sites are continually updated by my narcissistic ever-important posts.

It has gotten to the point where my social sites have social sites, but the latest and greatest entrant into the fold is Buzz from our overlords friends at Google.

I searched the Web and found a host of well-intentioned but either overly complex, poorly instructed, or downright misguided information about adding an RSS feed or automatic scrape from my blog to my Buzz updates.

Turns out it’s simple to get updates from my blog and I don’t have to use RSS per se.

There are two parts to setting this up.  First you need to add your blog to your Google profile.  Then you need to connect Buzz to that linked blog.  It’s a bit tricky, but with a small amount of attention to detail you should be able to do this in maybe ten minutes.

Ok, so let’s set up that profile.

Go to your Google profile and then follow these instructions:

  • (If you used my link above click View my profile)
  • Click Add more info to my profile
  • Under Links add your blog to the My Links section
  • If your blog doesn’t appear under Add Links use the Add custom links to my profile and paste in your blog address
  • (Do not use your RSS address; I used merely )
  • Locate your blog under My Links and click Edit
  • Check the box that says This is a profile page about me (This is the most important step.)

Now you can head on over to Buzz.

  • Locate and click the connected sites link (you may have to click on your name first)
  • If you did the first part correctly, your blog should appear here and you can simply click the Add button

Easy enough?

Ladies and gentlemen, spill that ink.


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