SBS Server Throws SharePoint Version Error

Yeah, my client kept getting this error from their SBS 2003 server whenever they tried to visit their Company Web:

this windows sharepoint services virtual server has not been configured for use with 2.0.50727.3603. for more information, please refer to knowledge base article 894903 at

That suggested link at the end takes you to this knowledge base article.

It lists a command that will allegedly fix the problem.  However, since the file in question (stsadm.exe) is not likely in your path(s) the command they display will fail.  Windows desktop search 4 was not able to locate the file for me, even after I forced it to include c: in it’s scope.  So I poked around and found the file myself.  As such, I was able to construct a proper command for my client’s server:

“c:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60BINstsadm” -o upgrade -forceupgrade -url http://companyweb[/CODE]

Please also note that “URLOftheVirtualServer” is translated into “companyweb”.  Yours may be different if you are dealing with a related but not identical problem.

Well, that’s the end of that adventure.  I hope this has saved you some time.

I do find it amusing, as an aside, that Microsoft seems to be saying “we have these cool new security features in, but our SharePoint software is not compatible with them so you have to turn them off—even though we ship it out this way”.

Go figure.

I have come to accept that Microsoft is not working to torture me with these little blunders and foibles, rather they are trying to entertain me.  Otherwise how could I explain such marvelous notifications as this:



6 thoughts on “SBS Server Throws SharePoint Version Error

  1. Thanks a heap, this worked perfectly, and more importantly, quickly to get my SharePoint 2003 site back up after someone installed software that included the new version of ASP.NET 2!

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