Ubuntu Users Update to Opera 10

If you are not already using Synaptic to get your Opera updates, you will want to use my other post instead.  If you have already added the Opera repositories and key this is the post for you.

With the release of Opera 10 you will get an error when attempting to load your newest updates list.  This is because your old Opera key has expired.  Adding the new key is easy and you have a couple of choices on how to do so.

First you may import the key manually.

Go here and copy the entire block of code near the bottom of the page (including both lines with several dashes which represent the BEGIN and END statements for the key). Save this text into an empty file some place easy to find, like your desktop. To create an empty file on your desktop, merely right-click on the desktop and choose Create Document —> Empty File. Name it whatever makes it easy for you to find it and just paste those lines of text directly into the document. Save the file. (After you import the key you may delete this file.)

Let’s import that key.

Go back to Synaptic and navigate to Settings —> Repositories —> Authentication and click the “Import Key File…” button. Find the file you just saved with the key in it and click “OK” to import the key and then the “Close” button which follows.

Then just click the “Reload” button in Synaptic to refresh your list of packages.

Alternatively, you can add the key by entering one line of code into a terminal (Applications —> Accessories —> Terminal):

  • wget -O – http://deb.opera.com/archive.key | sudo apt-key add –

Once you have your updated key in place you can remove the old Opera and install Opera 10.  First find Opera in the list of packages.  You will note an entry for Opera 9.[something] and an entry for Opera 10.  By right-clicking on the box to the left of each, mark Opera 9 for removal and Opera 10 for installation (do not mark Opera 9 for complete removal or your settings will go away).  Click the “Apply” button and let Synaptic do its magic.

Please note that the first time you run Opera 10 it will load up and then appear to hang.  This might last ten or fifteen minutes.  Then it will come back to you.  It’s doing something behind the scenes apparently.  If you kill it before allowing it to finish whatever it’s doing, you’ll have to wait for it the next time (ie: the first time all over again).  After it completes this the first time you run it you can exit and reopen Opera and it will perform as expected.

How cool is that?


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