How to Fix that Broken Admin

I just updated to WordPress 2.8 (from 2.7.1).  I manually downloaded the new version, deleted my old wp-includes folder (standard procedure), and copied the new folders and files into place.

Broke everything on the back end.  I was able to publicly view my site.  I was able to sign in to my blog.  But all of the admin areas were not responding (or rather I was getting errors).

I removed all of my plugins from the plugins folder and this returned the admin functionalities.  Next was the matter of determining which of my plugins were acting badly.

One at a time I copied my plugins back into my plugins folder.  I had one plugin that was breaking my admin areas (you may encounter others).  My Google analytics plugin would break my admin areas every time.

Fortunately I was able to find this useful solution.  Essentially, you go into the plugin files (in my case the file called sem-google-analytics-admin.php) and replace all instances of is_site_admin() with is_admin() (so remove _site from each one; I had two instances).

After making that change I was able to copy analytics over again and subsequently enable the plugin.

Happy hunting.


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