Calculate Pi from Scratch

Having been inspired by a video by Matt from Stand-up Maths, I have written my first Python script.  You might be thinking “If this Matt guy is so smart, why is there an s on math?”.  I would of course feel obligated to attempt to explain how periodically English speakers attempt to re-Latinize words that may or may not have any connection with Latin, but that would really be taking us far afield.  Let’s concentrate on what really matters!

What really matters is that I have written my first Python script and I have put the first of my scripts on my GitHub repository for all to love.  Love it!

JamesIsIn / blech

Basically, the script (with some prompting from the user) rolls pairs of dice and seeks out whether those pairs are coprimes or not.  It that uses that data to calculate an estimate of pi.

You can watch Matt’s video here:

He studied in Australia how to be funny at math!  Success.


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