Some Good and Bad News in Ubuntu 14.04

I have been upgrading certain machines here at work and testing various items along the way.  First one item of concern.

There is a great package out there for Windows domain integration called likewise-open.  We had a 13.10 machine running and connected to our Windows domain using this package.  It’s a great package and it really streamlines the domain membership problem.

Unfortunately there is currently no 14.04 package available in the repositories.  The machine we upgraded is currently not able to log in using domain credentials.  Since it’s Friday at 16:09, I created the user a local administrative level account and we’ll look to doing more as is necessary (but surely next week).

I imagine this package will appear in the repositories before long.  We shall see.  Just be forewarned if you are planning to upgrade any Windows domain connected Ubuntu machines any time soon.

But there is a nice delight to offset this.  The old vmware-view-client package which was broken due to a misplaced dependency and which has finally been removed from earlier-version repositories has been replaced in the 14.04 repositories with a working version.  Now you can use vmware-view-client to attach to your View sessions and you can do so using the VMWare native PCoIP protocol.

Have fun with that.


One thought on “Some Good and Bad News in Ubuntu 14.04

  1. I find that whomever is in charge of the boot-repair packages has also not updated their repository to include something for 14.04 (trusty) and I have had to use the repository for 13.10 (saucy) in order to get boot-repair into an installer live session (in order to repair a broken boot loader from build).

    (This is to say I added the repository according to the usual method and then edited that entry to change trusty to saucy in order to install and run boot-repair.)

    (More on boot-repair here.)

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