Microsoft Word and the Odd Case of the Stuck Caps Lock

Had a call today from a human female in accounting.  Her caps lock key was stuck on whether it was on or off.  It was only doing this in Word.

I came over and tried the usual guessed-at stuff which she had of course already tried:  turn the caps lock on and off, use the shift key (no change, still all caps), restart Word.  I didn’t want to just reboot the machine.

Instead I climbed into the driver’s seat and started what we like to call troubleshooting, but which is really much more like sitting in the bath tub making motor boat sounds and occasionally splashing one hand against the top of the water.

For whatever reason I copied a word and pasted that on a new line.  Turned the caps on and off again, and all was back to normal.

She thought I was pretty amazing.  She asked me what had been the problem.  I started laughing so hard I had to leave the accounting offices.


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