Invisible Titles in Evernote on Ubuntu 14.04 with Wine

I recently updated my version of Evernote on Ubuntu and noticed that the titles of the notes were now invisible in the title field of the reading pane.  This made it very difficult to type or especially to change a note title.  Even copying and pasting was a challenge since I couldn’t tell if I had any or all of the title selected.

I was eventually able to find a solution here.

Essentially there is a dll in Wine that was in need of some wrangling.  A dll or Dynamic Link Library is a Windows thing.  You probably don’t want to know much about them except to say they are sometimes required for applications to function as expected or perform certain tasks.

With one line of code in your terminal (don’t fear the terminal, ok?) you can fix this problem:

winetricks -q riched20

That’s it.  Run that command and when you again open Evernote you should be able to see the titles.  I mean, if it worked for me why wouldn’t it work for you?  Go for it!

What does it do?  It installs the dll (riched20.dll) into the Wine directories.  I guess Evernote needs that dll to display the titles in the title field in the reading pane.  (The -q just means don’t ask me any questions.)


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