Download Evernote on Linux

If you run Evernote and you use Linux (I run Evernote on Ubuntu under Wine) you may find yourself in the situation where you are attempting to download the Evernote Windows installer to install Evernote into the Wine environment.

You will run into trouble.

The Evernote site does a browser/OS check and presents you not with any download options but instead informs you that they do not offer a version of Evernote for Linux.  Simply put, you cannot get to the installer by the usual means.

So what about unusual means?

Since I run Opera (you can read about how to install Opera here) I am able to mask my browser identity by right-clicking on the page in question, choosing Edit Site Preferences…, and then on the Network tab modifying the Browser identification.

If you set the browser identity to Mask as Internet Explorer (and reload the page) you will be presented with the download as expected.

Fuck browser checks (and OS checks) when the result is to limit user action and not merely inform or suggest.


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