Update JoinMe as a Normal User

Sometimes it may be faster to launch and update JoinMe as the currently-logged-in user rather than logging out as that user and logging back in as an administrator.  In those cases you can follow these instructions to launch and update JoinMe as a privileged user without logging out as the current user.

  • Open a Terminal
  • Switch user to root (su root); you may have to su to administrator first
  • Launch JoinMe: /Applications/join.me.app/Contents/MacOS/join.me
  • JoinMe will launch and update successfully, then you should close JoinMe
  • Now you may launch JoinMe from the Dock as the user
  • Remember to exit out of your changed user session in the Terminal (and close the Terminal if appropriate)

(This is important only only on a Mac. ¬†Windows doesn’t require elevation to run this update.)

That’s it.


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