Mac Gets Spaced Out of Bounds

You may have heard some of the cool kids discussing Spaces and wondered “what’s that all about?”.  Or not.  Many Mac users don’t even know about this feature.  I came from years of using Linux systems where having multiple desktops was the norm.  Before Apple introduced Spaces I was using a third-party application to provide that feature-set.  (I have done the same thing on Windows as well.  You can read about that here.  Ubuntu, of course, still has it natively.)

Recently I encountered an oddity with Spaces which deserves a mention.

Normally with Spaces enabled you can simply Super-<up arrow> (command-<up arrow> or Apple-<up-arrow> or Windows-<up arrow>) to get to the Spaces control area (also known as Mission Control).  That was working fine.  However, once in this control area one ought to see a + in the upper-right corner by which one can spawn an additional space into Spaces.

I knew it had been there at one time, but at some point I noticed it was missing.  Not a big deal.  I could still create new spaces for full-screen applications; I just couldn’t create an empty desktop.  A minor annoyance.

In researching a mildly unrelated item I was reading this thread.  One user mentioned the bug whereby if your Dock is docked to the right-hand side of your screen (mine is) the + is MIA (mine was).  The the kicker reply came informing that commenter that with the Dock on the right the + was on the left.

It’s not exactly true.  You have to mouse over to the upper-left corner and the space and + fly-out from the left edge.

So that little mystery is solved.


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