The Best Place to Find e coli?

I’ve been trying to persuade my brother into starting a food blog, and as part of that I’ve been peeking into the world of available domains.  If you have ever tried to find a domain for your special desire or skill (, you may have encountered a Web squatter.

Basically a Web squatter is some asshole entrepreneur who buys a bunch of potentially interesting domain names, sits on them, tries to make a few dollars from some useless search engine, and waits on the Prince Charming who wants to buy that domain for a bazillion bucks.

Real fucking progressive.

At any rate, this one made me laugh for a good while and here I share it with you.

The Best Place to Find e coli?
The Best Place to Find e coli?

Now, as you can see they have thoughtfully included many of the e coli related searches you might expect to find on an e coli portal: the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and plethora of information about lies.  I must admit Lie Maine sounds intriguing.

Now you certainly know the best place to find e coli.  Clearly they are full of shit.


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