Private Meetings Not So Private?

One of my users reported that when they created a private meeting in a conference room using Outlook, the meeting was private for all users invited but public in the calendar for that room.  Obviously that’s not very private.

What was Exchange doing?

I poked around.  I asked around.  Everything seemed to point in the same direction: if you share the resource calendar you should expect a lack of privacy.

I did not find this to be a very satisfying response.  I will admit that an unsatisfying response can still be valid, but I wanted to keep poking this one to see if I could get it to twitch.

My friend, NizeKing (yes, the graffiti artist turned IT professional), discovered a setting that might be useful.

Private... Not!
Private... Not!

So, uncheck that and (like magic!) private meetings remain private even in the resource calendars.

Fun, right?


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