Mac Name Changes

You may decide for whatever reason to change the name of your Apple computer. It is easy enough to locate the machine name in System Preferences —> Sharing in the Computer Name field. (Change it in that field and then click the Edit button to ensure it is also changed there.) This takes care of most of the name change.

You will next want to enter the Terminal to enter one line of code which changes your hostname file and fixes the remainder of the name change.  Once you have a terminal opened this is the command you will want to run:


# Run this command:

scutil --set HostName [NewNameGoesHere]

# If you get a permissions error, simply add sudo to your command (you will be asked for your password):

sudo scutil --set HostName [NewNameGoesHere]


In case it’s not obvious, that bracketed portion gets replaced by what you want your machine name to be.


Have fun with that.

(Thanks to this site for the command syntax.)


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