Which Mac Is This?

If you have ever visited the Apple Web site and attempted to discover which RAM to purchase for an upgrade, you will have discovered the utter uselessness of said Web site.  You will be asked for the production date of your Mac.  You don’t know that?  Do you have the brain worms?

Nobody knows the production dates of their machines.  You might be able to guess at your purchase date if it were recent, but surely there is an easier way to get information about your Mac.  Like, perhaps you could simply enter your serial number?

As it happens and thanks to the magic of the Interwebz, you can enter your serial number and get information about your machine.  You just can’t do it at the Apple site.  Instead you will want to visit this page on Power Book Medic.  You can enter your serial number and receive a host of information about your specific machine.

Included among this information is your machine’s production date.  You can then return to the Apple site and get your beloved additional RAM.

Thanks, Apple.  (That’s sarcasm.)  And thanks Power Book Medic.  (That’s sincere.)


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