Windows Wants a New Printer

I recently had the privledge of setting up a new networked printer for the Seattle Tilth.  I really enjoy working with organizations like this because I feel like I’m helping to make the world a better place.  At any rate, they will need to attach various users to that networked printer and I thought I’d just write an article in case others might also benefit from these instructions.

Please read through the entire article before you begin.

I have included instructions specific to Windows XP and Windows 7.  (The Windows 7 instructions should also work with Windows Vista.)

Some printers do require that a specific driver be downloaded from the printer manufacturer’s Web site, but that was not the case here.   The network printer they received through donation was an HP Color LaserJet 4650, but a reasonably clever person could use these same instructions to add other printers as well.

(Note: initially I used DHCP but we ran into a problem and are currently testing a static address.  I’ll report back when I know better.)

Let’s start with Windows XP.

  • Open the Control Panel and choose Printers and Faxes (Start –> Control Panel –> Printers and Faxes)
  • Click Add Printer
  • You will be adding a network printer and you will choose the third bullet option
  • Here you will enter the address of the printer which is based upon the name given to the printer, and since I named mine simply HP4650 the address is http://hp4650 (don’t worry about letter case when it’s Microsoft); if that doesn’t work you may have to use the actual IP address which in their case was so
  • Finally select HP Color LaserJet since there is no listing specifically for the 4650
  • OK your way out of these dialogs
  • Print a test page and rejoice

Now for those Windows 7 instructions.

  • Open the Control Panel and choose Devices and Printers (Start –> Control Panel –> Devices and Printers)
  • You will be adding a network printer and you will choose the second button as such
  • On the left (manufacturer) side select HP
  • On the right (specific printer) side select HP Color LaserJet 4650 PCL 5
  • If this printer does not appear in the list click the Windows Update button and try again
  • OK your way out of these dialogs
  • Print a test page and rejoice

In both cases you will likely want to choose this as your default printer when presented with that option.  You can always change your default printer by locating the printer you want as your default under Printer and Faxes or under Devices and Printers, right-clicking on the printer in question, and choosing Make Default or Set As Default.

Easy enough?  Hope it helps you heaps.


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