Undetectable root-kit for Analysis

Be careful with this post. The attached root-kit is live and will bork your Windows system. In short, do not download it unless you know what you are doing.

I downloaded this file, thinking it was something useful of course, and scanned it with Avast! and Spybot. Then I extracted the containing files and scanned them again with Avast! and Spybot. Both of these very good anti-malware tools detected nothing.

Running the contained executable did, however, cause said executable to vanish from the Desktop and installed a root-kit (on my Vista system). Further to my annoyance, neither Avast! nor ComboFix has been able to completely eradicate this root-kit from my system. (Avast! detects it whenever it pokes its head up, but neither of them is able to permanently remove it.)

I am posting it here for Avast!, ComboFix, and other security professionals; so that they might have access to this particular file and so that they might improve their respective software.

Follow this link and on that page you may download the zip file.

Undetected Root-Kit

Have fun with that.


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