ThumbsPlus 8 Database Solution

I am trying out (again) the newest version of ThumbsPlus (or Thumbs+ as you might sometimes see it). I’ve been using this photograph, video, and audio collection manager for many years now and really like it.

While scanning folder content into the new database I received an error (for which I’m afraid I have neither a screen capture nor an exact phrasing). The error talks about a “Microsoft Access driver” and that it “cannot open database ‘I’“. A Google search, ok several searches or related and manipulated versions of those phrases, resulted in a lot of cursing and lamenting but nary a solution.

So I started poking around the application. In this version next to the File menu is a Database menu (this is something ThumbsPlus 7 did not have). Under Database there is an entry for “Advanced –> Compact and Repair…“.

This dialog futzed with the Access database which ThumbsPlus creates and uses to store information about your collections. This futzing fixed the problem and I was again able to scan new files and folders into the database (I was continuously able, for whatever reason, to access information already in the database).

(I checked both the “Cleanup dangling rows before compact” and “Removed unused keywords from database” boxes in utter disregard to the unnoticed warning in the dialog. ┬áDo so at your own risk.)

Hopefully this will help the next sad soul who comes across this annoying bump the road.  Best of luck.


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