Facebook Is Coming for You Too

This evening I returned home from dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant (Thaiku) here in Ballard to find that when I refreshed Facebook I received a security warning from Opera.

Illegal Intranet Request
Illegal Intranet Request

This should not be happening.  Facebook is requesting information about my local network (which is to say information about my machine and my router and firewall and so forth).  This is a security violation worthy of any spyware maker.  In other words, it is a serious security issue.

As such I will not be visiting Facebook until they are able to resolve this matter.

Don’t cry for me; I’ll be ok.


One thought on “Facebook Is Coming for You Too

  1. Meh. They fixed it pretty quickly (maybe half an hour or less). My research tells me this is something that happens not infrequently from their site. If you are not using Opera, you may be giving away sensitive information unwittingly.

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