Chrome: Shineypretty but Maybe not Noble

Google has just release their new Chrome, yet another Web browser.  You know I prefer Opera but I’ll take a look at anything that comes down the pike.  Chrome is pretty slick and the way they are dealing with javascript seems like quite an innovation; however, there are three items in their EULA (lisence agreement) to which everyone must agree that are of questionable intent.

  1. Google may update their software at their discretion—including download and installing “new software modules”.  This is a class of behaviour which is historically viral.
  2. Google retains certain rights to any content which passes through their browser—you retain copyrights but they may use your audio, video, photo, and blog content to their own purposes forever.
  3. Google retains the right to imbed advertisements into the browser itself.  (Advertisements, when they exist, are currently imbedded into the pages which you visit.)

You can read a more complete article over at CNet.

Be careful to whom you give your creative works; they may not have your best interests in mind.

Happy hunting.


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