A New PlugIn and what it will bring

I have been looking around for a way to add images cleanly and easily into my posts and following my ninja boss’s example I have downloaded the PhotoXhibit v2.1.6 plugin for WordPress.

I haven’t employed the plugin but to turn it on, so I can’t really make much comment on it’s usablity from an administrators perspective. It’s as easy to install as any WP plugin: drop its root folder into your WP folder. I’ll be able to add images now though. It’s nice because it looks as though this extension is itself extensible.

From a user’s perspective, I was able to visit our blog at work and see some of it in action. It looks to be very capable, enough so that I was sold on it.

Also, I would like to mention that the chap who develops the plugin, Benjamin Sterling, was very amiable and answered a couple of questions I had.

So, you can expect to see me posting from my photographic adventures. Stay tuned.


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